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Enterprises have been awarded "small pearl enterprises" "quality and benefit enterprises" "to create learning enterprises" and many other honors. 

    Leadership speech

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    The song, in the course of history, we ha light in their own unique way, write the light to be proud of Kazakhstan chapter of history, cherish the memory of the past, let us move, make us proud, enlightenment to us, urging us to forge ahead! Looking forward to the future, Harbin optical instrument factory is committed to building China's benchmarking enterprise ambition to make us more confident, full of hope! In 1966, built in the East small Paris this piece of land on the leading enterprises - Harbin Optical Instrument Factory Co., Ltd., founded in 1966 from several Men at their birth, to now become the Dachang nearly 300 provincial leading enterprises, the provincial key enterprises, the development history of Kazakhstan light factory, is a hard pioneer. Pioneering history of entrepreneurship, it is a good governance, inspiring the development of history! Whether in the era of planned economy or in the competition of market economy, Hakkah has made great progress with its indomitable fighting force and vitality, striding forward step by step, one step at a time and one new step. More importantly, the course of the development of enterprises in the precipitation of the heavy corporate culture, is the inexhaustible source of our spirit, formed "the challenges of the future, beyond the self" and "entrepreneurial spirit for the development of the reform, innovation and progress, to the market to survive, to management for efficiency" business sense; the formation of the concept of "people-oriented" development; the establishment of a first-class staff, first-class equipment, first-class management, first-class products, first-class service to build a perfect brand products production management system. Looking forward to the future, the prospect is infinite.